Healthcare Linen Services Group Celebrates the Power of Caring for National Laundry and Linen Week

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Saint Charles. IL, May 11, 2023 – In the most difficult times, it is often the small acts of kindness that make a tremendous difference. Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG), America's Leading Provider of Linen Management Services, takes pride in being part of these meaningful moments that can change lives. During this year's #NationalLaundryAndLinenWeek, HLSG celebrates the power of caring by sharing two heartwarming stories that highlight the profound impact its employees have had on patients and their families.

The first story centers around Superior Health Linens: Cudahy, a plant operated by HLSG. It showcases the remarkable chain reaction of caring set in motion by the compassionate employees. A patient at a Waukesha hospital shared her distress about losing a baby blanket, which held immeasurable sentimental value. This cherished item had belonged to her daughter, who had passed away 32 years prior. The Clinical nurse and the staff immediately sprang into action, searching tirelessly for the lost blanket. Their dedication extended to the environmental service employees, and then to our assistant general manager at the time; Nick Swartz, who coordinated with HLSG's Superior Health Linens team in Cudahy. Despite the daunting challenge, the employees' unwavering determination paid off, and the baby blanket was found. The emotional reunion between the patient and her precious memento was a testament to the power of collective care.

In the second story, Linen King: Wichita, another HLSG plant, played a pivotal role in restoring hope to a patient. Mrs. Marcia B., a patient at an undisclosed hospital, reached out to Peter Sandoval, GM from the Linen King team, desperately seeking a small 6-inch purple stuffed elephant named Purple Eli. Although the details were initially unclear, the Linen King staff, led by their compassionate manager, understood the significance of the item to Mrs. B’s and her family. Despite sorting through a staggering 19,000 pounds of laundry, their determination prevailed, and Purple Eli was found. The heartfelt reunion between Mrs. B and her cherished stuffed animal brought tears of joy and a renewed sense of hope.

“Our products and services are mission critical and our team members essential” Every day we witness our We Care Values in action” Stated Joseph LaPorta, CEO aid HLSG.

Healthcare Linen Services Group is committed to making a positive difference in people's lives, recognizing that even the smallest acts of caring can have a profound impact. We are so proud and grateful for our team, for alway going above and beyond. As HLSG continues to provide exceptional linen management services, it remains dedicated to fostering an environment of compassion, connection, and unwavering support for patients in healthcare facilities across the Midwest.”


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