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5005 S. Packard Ave
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2905 Syene Rd
Madison, WI 53713
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Plover, WI

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Plover, WI 54467
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1160 Pierson Drive
Suite 104
Batavia, IL 60510
Office: 630.593.5091
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Joliet, IL

506 Mills Rd
Joliet, IL 60433
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Superior Health Linens, Cudahy, WI, established in 1990, was merged with Logan’s in 2016
and offers several distinct processing plants in the mid-west.

Superior Health Linens hospital linens


Superior offers a comprehensive lineup of linens designed to help you maintain a professional image while improving safety and sanitation in your facility.


Since 1990, Superior Health Linens has been providing textile rental services to the healthcare industry in the Midwest.

We have a proven track record of being able to help our customers improve quality and service while reducing costs.

Plus, Superior Health Linens facilities are accredited by the Hospital Laundry Accreditation Council.

Superior Health Linens hospital scrubs


Superior is ready to answer your questions and provide details on our services.


HLSG Technology

Healthcare Linen Services Group Launches New Customer Service Technology

January 2020 – Healthcare Linen Services Group (St. Charles, IL) is excited to announce the release of two new proprietary technologies enhancing the customer experience. These software-based customer tools are designed to support the HLSG customer base in managing linen utilization more efficiently. The new customer tools include the “FAST” system which is the feedback and services tracking package that automates customer surveys for real time customer rounding feedback and the “MYDASH” system offering healthcare administration real time key performance indicator metrics tracking in a dashboard format. “HLSG is committed to leading the industry in new and different ways to assist healthcare professionals in managing linen utilization and costs,” stated Greg Schermerhorn, Chief Services Officer.

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Joseph LaPorta Top 100 Healthcare Leaders Award

Healthcare Linens Services Group’s CEO, Joseph LaPorta, Recognized as a Top Healthcare Leader

July 2019 – Healthcare Linens Services Group’s (St. Charles, IL) is proud to announce Joseph LaPorta, CEO of Healthcare Linens Services Group, was recognized as one of the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” by the International Forum for Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) for his many contributions in the healthcare industry. Joseph was recently awarded this honor during the association’s international assembly of executives and physicians.

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Healthcare Linen Services Group Expands TRSA Membership

July 2019 – Healthcare Linen Services Group, a leading provider of linen management services to the healthcare and hospitality industries, recently joined TRSA, the association for linen, uniform and facility services, to establish a strategic partnership across the company’s premier regional brands including Logan’s Healthcare Linens, Logan’s Uniform Rentals, Superior Health Linens, and Textile Care Services.

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Miller Park

Superior Health Linen participated in the annual Wisconsin Association of Textile Services Milwaukee Brewers baseball game

May 2019 – Superior Health Linen’s (Batavia, IL), a division of Healthcare Linen Services Group (Batavia, IL), Customer Service team participated in the annual Wisconsin Association of Textile Services (WATS) (Milwaukee, WI) Milwaukee Brewers baseball game against the Cincinnati Reds. The event was geared for laundries and vendors throughout Wisconsin to network with vendors creating relationships that help all to succeed in this market.

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Healthcare Linen Services Group

Healthcare Linen Services Group Rebrands Image with New Logo and Website

April 2019 – Healthcare Linen Services Group rebrands image with new logo and launches new website. The new logo reflects continued growth for the company and incorporates all regional brands in an integrated yet unique view that preserves the legacy of quality, efficiency and innovation.  The new website illustrates the brand’s expansive geographical footprint, product breath and turn-key services available. This site will continue to allow customers, employees and job seekers an easy-to-use avenue to communicate with the group companies. “We are excited to have developed an integrated business model in which allows our linen group companies to benefit from being a part of a much larger entity but at the same time preserves the legacy and uniqueness of their regional brand,” stated Joseph LaPorta, CEO of HLSG.

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Healthcare Linen Services Group LinkedIn

Healthcare Linen Services Group Joins LinkedIn

February 2019 – Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG) (Batavia, IL) launches a company profile on LinkedIn, a highly-used online network for professionals connecting employees, customers and industry leaders. LinkedIn allows access for HLSG to recruit, sell services, gain industry insights, view company updates, and more. To follow HLSG on LinkedIn, visit

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A tradition of excellence in helping our customers improve quality and service while reducing costs through our unique customer-focused process. 

We blend innovative solutions and proven approaches to deliver excellence our customers.


Superior's advanced technologies mean greater benefits for you.

Advances in laundry technology have made processes faster and more efficient creating higher quality results along with inventory management that's far easier and more accurate.

Superior Health Linens is proud to be accredited by the Hospital Laundry Accreditation Council.

Superior Health Linens 1-800-300-1780


Superior Health Linens follows recommended “best industry practices” in our systems, policies and procedures that will provide the consistent delivery of healthcare textiles in the quality and quantity expected by the customer.