HLSG Makes Major Investments in Tech to Support Future Growth

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St. Charles, IL – September 18, 2023 – Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG) is proud to announce a series of significant technological advancements that mark a strategic commitment to supporting future growth and enhancing operational efficiencies across its divisions.

We get a look inside our Technology support and upgrades to security and overall simplifying our processes through our Director of IT, Becka Johns; "We have embarked on a transformative journey by implementing several crucial technology upgrades. These initiatives include the replacement of all end-user computers at Linen King, a comprehensive re-architecture of our network infrastructure to create a unified environment across all divisions, and the adoption of an advanced security analytics platform for event ingestion, correlation, and analysis." One of the pivotal aspects of HLSG's technological advancement is the enhancement of its business intelligence capabilities. The company is actively working on integrating data systems, including NetSuite ERP, laundry ERPs, and HRIS, into Microsoft Power BI for advanced reporting and analytics. These upgrades bring forth several benefits, such as improved efficiencies through data automation, real-time data accessibility from anywhere, increased transparency into operational drivers, and the delivery of actionable data to decision-makers.

Further detailing our tech improvements is our VP, Corporate Controller, Larry Tosh; "In July, we successfully decommissioned the legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems within each of our five business segments and launched our NetSuite environment. This transition has fundamentally transformed our accounting and reporting systems from multiple server-based environments to a single, cloud-based platform, facilitating easier access to critical information across our organization." The centralization of data through NetSuite has streamlined data analysis and reporting, enabling HLSG to better manage its business operations. This central repository not only enhances data integrity but also strengthens information security and internal controls. In tandem with the NetSuite implementation, HLSG has optimized its Order to Cash process through a unified workflow tool. These combined efforts have yielded improved metrics for evaluating capacity and staffing needs, providing a clearer path for strengthening internal controls and identifying opportunities for future enhancements.


HLSG's investments in technology underline its unwavering commitment to growth, operational excellence, and innovation. These strategic upgrades position the organization to deliver even greater value to its clients and stakeholders while fortifying its leadership in the healthcare linen services industry.


About Healthcare Linen Services Group: Healthcare Linen Services Group is a leading provider of linen services to healthcare facilities, specializing in delivering high-quality linens and unparalleled customer service. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Healthcare Linen Services Group serves healthcare organizations across the Midwest and Southcentral market, supporting their critical operations and patient care.


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