Healthcare Linen Services Group Supports the City of Chicago’s COVID-19 Efforts

April 2020 – Healthcare Linen Services Group (St. Charles, IL) is proud to announce the great work of the Superior Health Linens division in supporting the COVID-19 efforts of the City of Chicago. Superior Health Linens in Batavia, IL will now support all linen services for the McCormick Place located in downtown Chicago. The McCormick Place has become an overflow location for COVID-19 patients, and the Convention Center has been converted into a makeshift hospital with 3,000 beds to house COVID-19 patients. The Army Corp of Engineers, working with FEMA, have created the facility. The Superior team is proud to be a part of this project and its involvement was led by Josh Bostick, Director of Customer Service (SHL). Josh Bostick stated, “This is probably the proudest time for me while working in this business.”

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