HLSG Team Member Saves Lives On Interstate

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March 07, 2023, St. Charles, IL, Healthcare Linen Services Group (HLSG) – Not all hero’s wear capes, sometimes they wear Logan’s Uniforms like Bryant Wilson.

Bryant has been a CDL driver for Logan’s Healthcare (member of Healthcare Linen Services Group) since 2019. Prior to his position here, Bryant was in the military and thinking his flight or fight days were over but as always, life sometimes throws curveballs. During his standard Logan’s route, Bryant noticed an emergency on the side of the interstate. Upon further inspection he observed people in distress. It appeared a speeding car hit a stranded vehicle that had been parked and inoperable. Bryant Wilson immediately went into flight or fight mode (specifically fight) and thanks to his training he knew exactly what to do, how to stay calm and how to handle the situation. Bryant grabbed his fire extinguisher from his Logan’s truck and ran to the car where the flames were getting closer and closer to the driver who happened to be stuck inside. The driver, unable to move as he was trapped under the steering console and had sustained serious injuries, was freed after Bryant pulled him from the car as the car reignited in flames. Bryant comforted the individuals  as they waited for the officials to respond. Would it not have been for Bryant; this situation and individuals’ life would have turned out completely differently and possibly even tragic.

HLSG is proud of Bryant’s heroism and recognizes his dedication to the company and the communities we serve.


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Press Contact: Brittany Nunez, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, bnunez@healthcarelinensg.com