Textile Care Services is the First Laundry in the World to Install SULAOS System

December 2017 – Paul Jewison, VP of Engineering of Healthcare Linen Services Group (Batavia, IL) and General Manager of Textile Care Services (TCS) (Rochester, MN) co-developed new technology and implemented it in the TCS laundry facility. The new technology, Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System (SULAOS), uses a series of UV lights to create ozone to charge the washer water. That water then runs through a separate set of tubes with another collection of bulbs for a larger blast of UV light. This in turn disinfects and cleans soiled sheets, towels, and other linens – using less water and chemicals.

The success of this new technology process brought much attention to Paul and Textile Care Services for the innovation that is needed in the laundry industry.

Paul was interviewed in the article, “Cleaner. Whiter. Brighter.” The article describes in detail the use and implementation of the SULAOS. To read the complete article, visit https://www.postbulletin.com/news/local/cleaner-whiter-brighter/article_b03e8e4b-0b72-5415-a5f3-c48e288aae89.html.

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